A well-versed first-year attorney in Ryan Platt

July 19, 2016
As Ryan Platt begins his law career, he enters the field extremely knowledgeable and skilled at his chosen profession.

A graduate of the private liberal arts school Colorado College, Platt completed his studies in political science in 2010, emerging with a Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction. He continued his education at the University of Wisconsin. There, in 2015, he graduated with his Juris Doctor, allowing him to move into the law profession. Throughout his education and personal goal-setting, as he completed this work, Platt also became well-versed in multiple languages. Today, in addition to English, he speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew -- a skillset that immensely aids his career goals in the field of law.

With aspirations to complete pro bono work, Ryan Platt has remained committed to this aspect of law for several years. In 2014, for example, he provided law associate assistance to a pro bono Second Chance Clinic offered by Chicago’s DLA Piper. Since beginning his career, he has worked extensively with nonprofits as well as individual clients toward this free service in order to meet their legal needs. Platt is currently in his first year of practice with Chicago’s New Associates Group where he is working with a variety of practice groups as he decides on a specialty.

Ryan Platt, Resident of Chicago, New Associates Member

April 28, 2016
Ryan Platt, Chicago Resident, has planned to spend his first year of practice as a member of the New Associates Group of DLA Piper. Being able to work with all the different divisions and practice groups before deciding on a speciality will allow him to dive into a multitude of areas in the legal field. This starting path was an ideal situation for him in planning his future endeavors. Ryan Platt has demonstrated a strong commitment to pro bono work both in Chicago and other areas around the country. He has also worked extensively with nonprofit and individual clients in order to meet their legal needs and knows that his time as a member of the New Associates Group will help give him even more skills that he can utilize to help people.

In order to have a successful career, Ryan Platt knew that he needed a firm foundation of an education. The right education would provide him with the knowledge and skills that he needed to make a difference both for himself and others in the future. He began his studies by attending Colorado College. It was there that he found a love for the social sciences. Understanding how people think and function together became a skill Ryan Platt would utilize for the rest of his career. At Colorado College, in 2010, he earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science which he earned with distinction. He then went on to earn his Juris Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin in 2015. Ryan Platt also speaks Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew. He currently resides in Chicago.